In-ground testing for anchors and piles

In-ground testing provides load and torque performance on each helical anchor and geo pile installed. This is something we've rarely, if ever, seen providers of drilled concrete piles and/or driven concrete piles do (and, here's a big question for anyone using those other systems: how do you know if they -- really -- ever attain bearing pressure if they're never tested? Hmmmmm . . . something every builder should ask their supplier . . .).

Below is a series of photos detailing the thorough testing process every helical anchor and geo pile goes through. Of special note is the fact that, in addition to the general load-frame test shown, each individual component installed has its own record of meeting requirements, as a certified technician observes that each reaches specified bearing capacity. Again, something that isn't done with other alternatives, and is a major technical benefit of our helical anchors and geo piles.

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