Helical anchors support foundations of townhomes

The developer of 65 large Townhomes in California had two major problems. First, a foundation system was needed to support the structures being built in an area with a very high water table (water starting at 3 feet, and down to a depth of 10 feet). Second, the system couldn't disturb the foundations of any adjacent homes, some as close as 50 feet away.

After a nine-month, in-depth review of drilled concrete piers, which couldn't be installed easily because of the height and depth of the water table, as well as driven concrete piles, which would produce significant vibration and damage the foundations of near-by homes, the developer chose the Winslow Geo Anchor as the solution.

Nearly two-thousand were installed (in about 10 minutes each!), and at about 40% less than the estimated cost of the driven concrete piles -- not to mention 90% less noise. Finally, the ending graphic will detail the connection (this one was into a grade beam, where a floating slab was then poured), one of several that could have been used. Call us for more information, and let us design one for you.

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