Helical anchors for bridge abutments

Bridge abutments are a natural place to use our helical anchors and/or geo piles because the soils often have a high water table that's also deep, making drilled concrete piers of driven concrete piles difficult to use. In addition, construction conditions surrounding the water and mud area usually present a problem, especially during that environmentally unfriendly concrete pour.

Below is a photo sequence of the Winslow Geo Anchor used in the foundation of a 70-foot bridge (H20-44 loading) in Northern California. The span crosses a large stream, enabling the development of two prime hillside lots previously restricted due to the inability of transporting materials from one side to the other. 14 anchors were used in the foundation -- seven on each side -- instead of 20 piers initially architected. The structure easily met the 37-ton load (enough to support a county fire engine) requirement, as each anchor alone was tested at 50 tons capability.

The developer liked our work (you can read more in the 'Application Spotlight' section on the Home Page), and noted the Winslow Geo Anchor saved nearly 50% in materials and labor. However, it was the Department of Fish and Game who really enjoyed the fact we had no impact on the stream itself, as the helical anchors were easily installed, environmentally friendly, and extremely structurally sound -- factors made the code and review process easy. OK, the owner liked that ease of code review too . . .

Our helical anchors and geo piles provide exceptionally strong bearing capacity to bridge abutments, towers, and poles in unstable soils. Contact us for further details, and let us design one for you.

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