Geo Piles for large office complex

When you need really heavy-duty support, it's time for the Winslow Geo Pile.

We recently used the Geo Pile to build a large, mixed use project outside San Francisco in an area with 30 – 40 feet of bay mud. The use of both driven piles and drilled piers were thoroughly examined, but because of costs associated with vibration damage to adjacent foundations, noise and other pollution that accompanies the piles & piers, and additional soils prep/removal involved with those alternatives, the builder chose our Winslow Geo Pile, and after an evaluation period that included extensive in-ground comparisons and load testing, made the choice to install 220 of the 8” diameter model 40 feet deep (note the 20' extensions in the photos).

But the real treat came when the engineers, who established a requirement for each WGP to carry a load of 137 kips, with a safety factor to 177 kips, not only had the Geo Pile meet those requirements, but exceed them when it tested to over 200 kips, a full 12% higher than the safety number. Superior performance and hard dollar cost savings of 19% when compared to either the driven piles or drilled piers. Call us if you'd like to talk about designs.

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