Helical anchors used to support large pool, deck, and wall

Attached are 15 sequence pictures of one of the most difficult installations we have done in 20 years: 42 helical anchors, ranging 13' to 15' in length, were installed to support a large infinity pool, deck, and wall in some of the most difficult terrain we've ever faced, with slopes as much as 40% (not easy for deer to navigate).

Note the small roadway, hairpin turns, and bridge (barely wide enough for a minivan) where we transported the 46,000 lb Cat 321 Excavator -- and, 32,000 lb, 40' long trailer hauling it -- necessary for installing the anchors. We only hope the pictures do justice to what every individual who visited the site commented "you were able to do this?"

(One example: cement trucks could only haul 'short loads' of 7 yards of concrete vs. the usual 10 into the site because they couldn't make it up the slopes!)

In addition to vertically-installed anchors, note several 'battered' anchors (45 degrees) were installed to hold the side wall -- all done by the Cat balancing precipitously on the side slope (see pic #5).

Finally, engineering demanded we attain 90,000 lbs test loading of the anchors. Note the beam set-up and hydraulic jack . . . where we attained 100,000 lbs test loading.

The project's success -- it not only met all engineering specs, but was brought in on time and budget -- is a testament to the creativity, ingenuity, and stick-to-itiveness of our installers, as three other operators said 'no way.' Great going guys!

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