Helical Anchors for Solar Carport, Alameda, California

Everyone in the Bay Area loves the sweeping views the city of Alameda provides of not only the San Francisco skyline, but because of it's location directly across the water from "The City," the unimpeded look at Alcatraz, the St. Francis Yacht Club, and of course, Golden Gate Bridge.

However, building in Alameda also presents several significant challenges for developers, as the local soils make up is largely fill and/or very-difficult-to-build-on Bay Mud's. These are the conditions Accel Construction faced when beginning a block-long, 250 KW, solar carport installation in Alameda near the city's shoreline: soils that included 10 feet of fill at the top, followed by an additional 10 feet of Bay Mud's below. The answer was 150 single helix flight Winslow Geo Anchors, 3.5" in diameter, installed to a depth of 30 feet (design and structural performed by MKM & Associates, Santa Rosa, California).

Steve Adams, CEO of Accell, said: "The installation design & testing process and procedures were key elements in this project because of the very difficult soils conditions. Best Base provided critical input into these areas, and their knowledge and experience were invaluable in the success of the project."

With over 20 years of experience in all phases of the design, testing, fabrication, and installation of helical anchors, we know what it takes to handle even the toughest soils conditions. Call us about your next project -- especially the ones with phenomenal views!

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