Drawings & Details

Below are sets of drawings and details for several Wafflemat installations. You'll find both single and multi-family designs built in California, Hawaii, Mexico, and Kuwait. There's also a set for the new, Texas Ribbed Wafflemat slab, a design now being called the '100 Year Foundation' in the Southwest United States.

There are samples showing use of the System for high allowable soils bearing pressures, as well as low allowable bearing pressures. Plans for a 5,000 sf custom home, a 10,500 sf apartment, and a four-story condominium (the largest Wafflemat installation is a 60,000 sf slab for a Hyatt Hotel in California, the smallest a 400 sf slab for a home in Mexico). Drawings and details with P/T cables, as well as rebar. Something for everyone is here.

Take a look and let us know if you have another design you'd like to talk about, as with nearly 10,000,000 sf of Wafflemat slabs installed since 1995, we have hundreds more plans for review and example.