Wafflemat/Helical Anchor 'Hybrid' Solution, Glen Ellen, California

Attached is a 12-picture photo sequence of a project in Glen Ellen, California (near Sonoma), utilizing a "Hybrid" foundation system with both our Winslow Geo Anchor and Wafflemat products.

The construction location has highly expansive soils, and 53 anchors (combinations of 12.75" and 4" in diameter) were installed to various depths -- vertically as well as in a "battered" formation -- to support a large pool. 344 Waffleboxes were then tied in to support the deck area, and complete the foundation. The alternative would have included drilling very deep piers and filling with concrete for the pool area, and a 12" Uniform Thickness Foundation for the deck -- a much more costly and time-consuming approach.

MKM & Associates performed structural, Riptide Construction the general contracting.

A really cool example of using both the anchors and W/mat in a dual, "hybrid," application solution that not only saved time and money, but provide a superior-performing solution as well. Call us at 925.683.2739, and let's discuss the foundation needs of your next project. We'll even give you a FREE review and quote for you to compare, so call us now.

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