8,000 sf custom home in Sonoma, CA.

2,240 Waffleboxes were installed in the foundation of a large, 8,000 sf custom home in Sonoma, California. The lot is located in an area with highly expansive soils, and the owner chose Wafflemat not only because of the lower hard dollar costs (vs. extensive soils prep or a foundation made up of very deep drilled concrete piers), but because of the superior performance the System delivers -- and, it's 20 year track record of zero structural failures and/or callbacks.

However, what's equally as interesting are the comments of the concrete contractor on the project, who was using the Wafflemat foundation-forming system for the first time. He noted: "The overall project went quite well and we look forward to working with the product again in the future. It truly is straight forward, and appears to provide significant cost savings to the client versus other types of foundations."

Wafflemat not only delivers great performance, but great testimonials as well. Call us, and we'll get you on your way to having one of your own.

Did you know Wafflemat is now listed in Wikipedia? Go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On-Grade_Mat_Foundation_for_Expansive_Soils

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