Wafflemat used in basement foundation application near Denver, Colorado

We are constantly asked "can Wafflemat work for basement foundations?" The short answer is y-e-s.

The following sequence of 12 photos shows several homes with basements being constructed with the Wafflemat foundation-forming system near Denver, Colorado. In this configuration and application, nothing changes re use of the System; the Waffleboxes are simply installed on grade for what becomes the basement floor. Everything after that -- the basement walls, accompanying floors and walls -- is set on that foundation. What doesn't happen is a lot of soils work, i.e., overex, re-compaction, and at worst, the dreaded import/export of soils.

Finally, note the photos show a perimeter trench. This is not normally done and/or required with Wafflemat, but in Colorado, all homes have a frost wall, so that's the trench.

Again, can the Wafflemat work in basements? Y-e-s. Send us your plans, and we'll show you how, for f-r-e-e!

PS: Did you know Wafflemat is now in Wikipedia? Go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On-Grade_Mat_Foundation_for_Expansive_Soils

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