Wafflemat installed in Rocky Soils on Maui, Hawaii.

The first Wmat foundations -- with some spectacular views -- were recently installed on the Island of Maui. Attached are 10 sequence photos showing building pad to concrete pour.

Of note is that Wmat was selected because the soils were very rocky (notice the rocks and boulders in the first few photos), and the developer was faced with spending significant time and money on pad prep & trenching. Instead, with Wafflemat, the plumbing was installed just beneath grade -- no perimeter trench andor in-ground beams to contend with -- followed by 2" of leveling base to even the lot, and then the Wboxes laid directly on grade making for a much easier, and cost effective, process.

Finally, this was the first time the GC on the project, Reed Hamblin, had utilized the Wafflemat foundation-forming system. His take: "I was surprised how fast the Waffleboxes and accompanying post tensioning cables were installed. I honestly was expecting 3 - 4 days for the process, but everything was done in one and a half. It's a great system."

That's a great reference, as this is the first of several houses to be built by the developer on Maui (Launiupoko area, close to Lahaina), in the same rocky-soil conditions -- with Wafflemat.

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